Release Notes 4.17.2018

This release includes improvements based on user feedback as well as fixes for reported issues.

  • Publisher sales reps can now create a custom message (e.g. “sample chapters only”) that is visible when users hover over the request button for titles.
  • “Date Added” now shows the most recent date that the DRC was uploaded when users hover over it.
  • “Jump To” now takes users to the correct page AND highlights the item of interest. This works across Edelweiss+ (for People, Catalogs, Collections, etc.).
  • Section headers in catalogs are now listed in the correct order.
  • The contact information of users requesting events is now automatically visible to publisher sales reps when viewing Event Grid Requests.
  • Tags are now arranged alphabetically in the Tags view.
  • Titles now automatically appear in the subject line of emails when users request a DRC. The link to the title in Edelweiss will also automatically appear in the body of the email.
  • Imported Comp titles are now always listed numerically.
  • The “View All” option on the New Catalog homepage widget has been fixed to properly show all new catalogs.
  • When you click the flag icon over Shared Markup, users can now see everyone who has shared the markup.