Release notes 5.16.18

This release includes enhancements and new features based on user feedback as well as fixes for reported issues:


New Features

Publishers can now choose to be invoiced when purchasing newsletter promotions or catalog inserts!

Users can now “favorite” publishers for easy access.


  • Cover images for the German market Friend Activity email have been fixed.



New Features

Market data is now easily visible on every title! You’ll see this green bar across each title if you are a Summit Edelweiss+Analytics subscriber (retail or library) which has the market sold, on hand, and on order percentages.

You can switch between retail and library markets by clicking the icon on the left. You can also set the time period that’s used to calculate the percentage sold. We’ll be adding all the other regional markets to this list soon.

If you want to hide this bar when you don’t need that data, click the x at the far right. This will hide it for all titles until you reinstate it. To open reinstate the green bars, click the green pie chart icon at the top of the title list.

The Historical Overview lane shows the actual sales or circulation for the current month, and now it also shows a point for projected sales as well. This provides a sense of how the month will finish. This projection will become more accurate as the month proceeds.


  • We released a fix for displaying the correct currency in some spots for users in the UK.
  • DRC admins now have visibility to requester details/affiliations in Processed view (click on the name to bring up modal w/details).
  • Fix to ipad in the community comps modal. It now appears in view instead of all the way at top of list.
  • Fix to issue for sales reps on the Contacts view related to groups that have an apostrophe that was resulting in stalling page loads.
  • On Order refinements now appear when all refinements are compressed.
  • Viewing Friends on the profile page no longer gets stuck on the first friend visited.
  • Fix for UK users so that their edits save when updating store categories.
  • Fix to rep issue where comparable product sequence was being deleted causing highlighted comps to disappear