A Newly Streamlined Edelweiss Header

The Edelweiss header got a brand new look!  All of the functionality you’re used to is still there!

Click the Edelweiss logo to go back to the homepage from anywhere on the site.



Click on the “snowflake” icon to access Edelweiss Community. Learn more about Community here.


Update your market and language settings by clicking below the Edelweiss logo:


Find your Search tool and various options here:

More about searching here.

Your Notifications can be found here. You can filter notifications by Read or Unread, and mark notifications as Read using the checkmarks. You can easily mark all notifications as Read with a single click (You’ll likely have a bunch the first time you look!).

You can update the frequency of any notification emails in the lower right, as shown above.

Your Saved Filters can be found here:

You can find information about all the Edelweiss products and services here:

The question mark icon will take you to the Edelweiss Knowledge Base and Help Desk.

If you have a profile picture in Edelweiss, you’ll see it at the far right. Otherwise, you’ll see your initials. Click there to find your Profile and Account information as well as your Settings and Preferences. This is also where you can log out.


Want to reorganize or remove tabs you don’t use? Click your profile picture or initials and select Settings and Preferences

Click on the settings for your Dashboard and drag and drop your Elements Shown to reorganize, or drag them into your Elements Not Shown to remove them from your header (you can add them back any time). Then click the Save icon!