Readers – Linking Your Edelweiss Account to Your Goodreads Account

You can set up your Edelweiss account so that you can submit reviews from Edelweiss to Goodreads. The reviews and ratings will appear on Goodreads. Updates/Edits to reviews in Edelweiss will reflect in Goodreads (although updates on Goodreads will not appear in Edelweiss).

Here’s how:

Click Request for a DRC:

In your Profile page, click here:

 In the Links section, you’ll see that Goodreads logo:

Click on it, and you’ll be taken to Goodreads. You’ll need to log in, if you’re not already, of course.

Once you allow access, you’ll see that you can now submit a review to Goodreads when you submit your reviews.

The rating system in Edelweiss uses a 10-point system. Goodreads uses a 5-star system. Your ratings in Edelweiss will be halved and rounded down in Goodreads.