Catalog Admin – Distribution Clients’ Catalogs

Distributors and their clients should be aware that:

  • Individual distribution clients’ catalogs do not appear within their distributor’s catalog section by default.
  • Distributors should add all of their distribution clients’ titles that they want to appear within their own Edelweiss+ catalogs and catalog section, thereby making them more easily accessible to their sales reps. These can be added to their own omnibus catalogs or as distinct catalogs.
    • If a distributor does not wish to catalog their distribution clients’ titles, then individual (distributor) reps can easily add their distribution clients to their list of publishers within their home page’s My Publishers section. Just note that Edelweiss+ readers will only find these catalogs within the client’s catalog section or through any ‘Markups shared with me’ portal – they won’t appear within the distributor’s catalog section.
    • Please email whenever you have any distribution client changes that impact your catalog.

Distributed publishers can learn more about leveraging Edelweiss+ here: