Creating a Document

In order to create a Document, you must first have at least one Template to work with. Read all about creating a Template here!

To create a new Document, begin on your Documents page and select Create New Document.

Fill out the fields in the resulting window (shown below).

  • Name: Name your document!
  • Title Source: Use an existing Catalog/Collection or create a new one! Use the Find box to search if you choose to use an already existing Catalog/Collection.*
  • Size: Letter or A4
  • Orientation: Portrait or Landscape
  • Default Template: Choose the template you’d like to use for this document.
  • Folder: Place your document in an existing folder or create a new one.




Once these are complete, click Save.

Your newly-created Document will drop into the folder in which you’ve placed it — locate it & click on either the name of the Document or the Edit/Manage icon to begin working on it.

*If you chose to create a new Collection for the document, you’ll need to add titles to it through Edelweiss+ or do so within Designer.

If your Catalog or Collection has been selected and your Template chosen, much of your work should be done! However, if needed, you can make many changes to your Document ranging from replacing the Template you selected initially to adding filler pages, replacing cover images, modifying text, and more.

The image below may look overwhelming at first glance, but take a look to become familiar with the menu you’ll see when working on a Document.


You can further customize a given page by clicking the gear icon.

In the resulting window, change the body, header, or footer template if needed…

…and adjust any content by locating the element and clicking the corresponding line in the Data In Use column. For example, you may choose to replace a title’s jacket cover.

Keep in mind, you can also simply click on an element to change it rather than using the method shown above. Need to shorten a title’s Descriptive Summary? Just click on the text and edit as needed.

Once your Document is finished, you’ll have the option of copying a shareable link or generating a PDF.

Back on the Documents section of your Designer homepage, also note the Slideshow option which will open your Document in presentation mode.