Catalog Admin – Creating and Editing Showcases

Publisher catalog administrators can create and edit a Showcase associated with a title, right from the Catalog Administration grid! This allows you to create a grouping (or groupings!) of related titles like this:

In the Catalog Administration grid, choose a title by clicking the order number. Insert Showcase will then appear as an option.


Clicking Insert Showcase allows you to name the showcase that will be associated with that ISBN. Select the appropriate visibility and then click Save and Edit.


Then, you’ll be prompted to add a list of ISBNs that will be included in the title’s Showcase. Done!

A couple of points about Showcases:

  • Any one title can have multiple showcases attached
  • You can manage the Visibility in the Insert screen. Visibility options include:
    • Everyone (all users who view this title listing)
    • Supplier (any user in your Edelweiss organization)
    • Other catalog admins within your Edelweiss organization
  • You can also set Showcases to an Active/Inactive state
  • If you need to move a Showcase from one title to another, click on the Showcase listing to bring up the edit screen. Here, you can either type the name or ISBN of the title you would like it to be associated with and the entire Showcase will be moved once you Save
  • You can edit the collection itself by selecting the Showcase to bring up the edit screen, then click on “Save and Edit.” This will bring you to the Manage Titles screen where you can add/delete or re-sequence titles
  • Showcases are only visible within the catalog that they are associated with and will appear for the user in all Sort orders. They will not appear in collections.

Catalogs with active Showcases will include an indicator at the top of the page. All of a catalog’s Showcases will appear when you click on it, and you can jump directly to any by clicking on the one you’d like to see.

Watch a video on the process of adding a Showcase: