Librarians – Tracking Your Review Copy Requests

After requesting Digital Review Copies, details here, it’s time to wait patiently for the publisher to reply. Responses can take as little as a few minutes, or even up to a few weeks or more. It very much depends on the publisher. Keep in mind that it can also depend on the information you provide in your request. If a publicist has to to do research about your blog, or if you don’t mention the library you work in, etc. it will clearly take longer. So provide links and any relevant stats. It’s worth recognizing that a publicist may very well need to explain why they provided a free book to someone, so having that information readily available is helpful to everyone.

You should receive an email when a publisher responds to your request (the publisher can choose to send this email or not), and you’ll also see an alert in your Notifications on your homepage:

Click on the title in that widget and you can download it from that next screen:


You can also see track your DRC requests from your Review Copies page:


You can see if your requests have been approved, denied, or are still pending. Click on the number to see which titles those are. The calendar icon allows you to edit the time frame here.

Note that there’s an option for “Downloaded, Not Reviewed” on the bottom row.