Publisher Admins – Posting Audio Files as DRCs

With audio DRCs, there are a few key differences to call out:

We don’t/can’t apply DRM to MP3 files.  As a result, you don’t need to worry about any of the DRM settings, and you won’t be charged the Adobe Digitial Editions download/pass-thru fees.  (You’ll simply be charged to upload an audio title.)

As far as file specs and naming conventions, we recommend loading a zipped folder of MP3 files for each title following these naming conventions:

  • Name the folder with your ISBN, e.g.
  • Name each chapter’s MP3 file like this:  001-TitleName.mp3, 002-TitleName.mp3, etc.  Or, if you’d rather substitute the actual Chapter Name for the Title Name, feel free to do so.

That’s it!