Publisher Admins – Controlling Access to Your Edelweiss DRC’s (Including Digital Rights Management Settings)

As an Edelweiss DRC-subscribing publisher, you have the most control possible over who has access to your DRCs, for how long, and on which devices.

Here’s a brief list over all of the DRM-related settings your DRC administrator can set, either on a title-by-title basis or across all of your DRC titles:

  • Length of time the DRC is available to be requested or otherwise made available for download from within Edelweiss
  • Whether the DRC can be shared (by the publisher) upon Edelweiss site expiration
  • Length of time a DRC lasts once downloaded to a reader’s Adobe Digital Editions’ library; note that this can be adjusted by the role of the downloader, e.g. so your authors and internal publisher users can have longer access to it than a typical reader
    • This DRM setting is not available on Kindle downloads
    • Number of times an individual can download that DRC
  • Number and type of devices the DRC can be downloaded to a reader’s Adobe Digital Editions account
    • This DRM setting is not available on Kindle downloads
  • Ability to be excerpted or printed from Adobe Digital Editions; default is to not allow either
  • Ability to be downloaded to Kindles; default is to allow Kindle downloads
    • Kindle downloads of Edelweiss DRCs can only be read on that individual’s Kindle; they cannot be shared with mobile devices or read on a computer using the Kindle for PC app.
  • Ability to reject individual or outright block all specific users’ requests for your DRCs
    • Once you begin receiving DRC requests, you’ll see that we provide you with a confidence level rating next to each requestor’s name, profile, and specific request for your DRC. This rating is primarily based on your peers’ previous responses to that reader’s DRC requests.

In general, Edelweiss DRCs cannot be transferred or emailed from one address to another; publishers grant access to a specific email address, and that reader must log into their Edelweiss account using that same address in order to access that DRC. Once they download the DRC in Adobe Digital Editions (ADE), it’s then only available to that authorized computer or device(s); the same email address must be used to link Edelweiss, ADE, and the e-reading device.

Lastly, we actively monitor for potential SPAM/scam requests and, in those rare instances, are quick to alert the publisher when a fraudulent DRC request slips through and delete that user from our database.