Publisher Admins – Auto-Approving Librarians, Booksellers, and Others Users

If you’re responsible for fielding DRC requests, you’ve likely had times in which you get sort of buried. This can only be a good sign, really, when good readers are frothing at the mouth for your titles. You can easily “Auto-Approve” individual users, as shown below:

We’ve actually gone a step further, though, and made it easy for DRC Administrators to go ahead and Auto-Approve affiliated groups of users. If you go to your Edelweiss administration site and click into Access under Review Copies, you’ll see a number of Affiliations you can Auto-Approve, including ABA users, B&N, and a new one we’re excited about:  Library Analytics Subscribers. These are mostly Collection Development librarians who use Edelweiss pretty hard to find new titles for their patrons.
Here’s a bit of detail on these Affiliations:
Edelweiss Community:  Any user that has opted into the Edelweiss Community in order to see more review and buzz activity on the site.
Treeline Retailers:  Users from bookstores who subscribe to our analytics tools..all the best stores, of course.
American Booksellers Association: Users associated with stores that have verified their ABA membership.
Barnes & Noble:  Users that have been verified as B&N employees.
Library Analytics Subscribers:  Active librarian users that subscribe to our analytics tools (“Summit” or “Alpine”) to make collection development easier.
Cybils Awards Judges:  Verified judges for the Cybils Awards. Details of that award here.
Amazon Books:  Users verified as active “blue badge” employees at Amazon.
Books A Million:  Verified Books A Million employees.
Note that “verified” indicates that the user-provided proof that they are indeed part of the indicated organization, whether an employee ID (as provided by each employer), member ID, etc. You can rest assured that those users to whom you provide access to your titles are the real deal and are in the business of helping you move some books.