Sales Reps – Working Offline in OMM

You can work on orders in the OMM while offline (not connected to the internet). If you’re in the OMM working on an order, and you lose your internet connection (or the store doesn’t have wi-fi, for example) you can keep right on adding and editing quantities…like an old school order form/spreadsheet. When you’ve connected to the internet again, the OMM will sync up again and your work will be saved and transmittable.

You might want to bookmark this URL: for those times when you know you won’t have any sort of internet connection in an appointment. This will allow you to load the OMM and create and edit orders, even without an internet connection!

If you know, or suspect, you might need to use the OMM offline, be sure to go into the OMM while connected to the internet to be sure the OMM is synced up with all your Active Orders. This will ensure that your orders are all available to you when you need them!

  • Note that you will be unable to perform certain functions in the OMM while offline, as these functions do require an internet connection:
    • Go to Export Preview in Edelweiss
    • Export Order To File
    • Import Order From File
    • Submit Your Order
    • Add Titles By Catalog
    • Add Titles By Search
    • Filter Titles By Catalog/Collection
    • Synchronize
    • Go to the Title Detail Page in Edelweiss