Sales Reps – Downloading Orders

Downloading orders is easy – just go to your Orders page and find the order in question:

Click on the name of the order to see a catalog-like view of the order; essentially a visual purchase order that shows only the titles on the order.


Note the link to the Export Preview screen, where you can select from a number of download formats, (including your own custom formats), as well as edit the order details, or set your view to see individual stores at multi-store accounts.


You can also reach the Export Preview screen on the Orders page:

If you’re exporting an order, you must be in the Export Preview screen to export order quantities and such.

Select your preferred Export Format. Note, the columns shown in the chart represent the columns and information that will show in your downloaded document (often, but not necessarily, an excel spreadsheet).


Find information here about creating your own custom export formats.

You can add items to an order by clicking here (you’ll need an ISBN):


And Edit each title entry using the pencil icon shown in the image above.

The information you see on the screen in this view is precisely what will be exported when you click the Download button, which is why all order exporting needs to take place from the Export Preview screen.