Your Bookfest Publisher Page and Edelweiss Connect

One of the things we’re working really hard on for our inaugural Bookfest is the opportunity for books to be both discovered and easily purchased.

On your own Bookfest publisher page, you can very easily create one or more lists of titles to highlight those titles being featured in Bookfest.

It’s really just 2 easy steps:

  1. Create a Catalog or Collection
  2. Add that Catalog or Collection to a “Bookfest 2021” folder
When attendees visit your booth during Bookfest they will be able to open Edelweiss Connect (a highly visible tab within both Edelweiss and Bookfest) and land on your publisher page, where these Catalogs and Collections will show.
There will also be a publisher and exhibitor section at Bookfest where attendees can search within Connect, click on a publisher, and be brought to this page.
The how of it:
You likely, hopefully, know how to create catalogs! Here is a refresher should you need it. 
You can aso create a Collection if you prefer. On your Catalogs page, just click on Create Collection to get started.
Once you have the Catalog or Collection you want, open it, and click on the Folders icon in the left hand navigation:
Or when viewing the Catalog page:
Adding a Folder works identical to adding a Tag. Just type, and hit <Enter>.
Again, it’s super important to name your folder Bookfest 2021.
Your Catalog/Collection will show in Edelweiss Connect. Publisher page example:
Open list example:
Attendees will be able to connect their Bookfest experience to their favorite indie bookstore to complete purchases!