Release Notes 7/26/18

This a catch-up summary of a couple past releases for Edelweiss+Analytics for libraries, retailers, and publishers. These releases include enhancements and bug fixes.

E+A Libraries and Retailers:

  • In Edelweiss+, users will now see a green checkmark in the lower right of jacket covers to show when a library owns a title (library) or has it on hand (retail). It will show a yellow checkmark when it is on order but not available at that location. The visibility of this feature depends on whether ‘Analytics’ is enabled within the Other Actions menu, and refers to the particular ISBN or version of the title shown.

  • Location-specific information now exposed in the Analytics ‘green bar.’ The right-hand side of the green bar now shows Circulation / Current holdings / Current on order (libraries) or Sales / Current on Hand / Current on order (retail) numbers for the selected location. There is also a location picker in this area. Sales or circulation are based on the timeframe selected.

  • All peer groups are now available to select from in the Analytics ‘green bar.’


  • Usability improvements to Analytics ‘green bar’

E+A Libraries:

  • Comparable title history right in Edelweiss+. Selectors in E+A libraries will now be able to see their own circulation history and more on each comparable title attached to a title in a catalog. This should make it easy to make quick decisions about acquiring new titles

  • Implemented Circ History view within the title widget. See details about the circulation pattern for any title from anywhere in Edelweiss+ within the ‘ILS Data’ section of a single title view.

E+A Retailers:

  • Analytics dashboard widgets are now available to add to your homepage, so you can get a quick view of what’s selling when you log into Edelweiss without even going to the Analytics page. Go to ‘add new widget’ and select Analytics. You can add top sellers, top NYR, and top sellers you don’t have.


  • Major overhaul and individual fixes to the family (edition linking) features
  • Corrected default peer group for green Analytics bar for UK users
  • Historical Overview: Selecting another branch when the grid is open should show details for the other branch
  • Updates to some wording in new lane style
  • Fix for timeouts when opening large Action Plans
  • Changed the scale of Historical Inventory graphs. X-axis now always begins at 0, removing over-emphasis on small monthly fluctuations.
  • Now possible to copy and paste ISBNs from Analytics’ title detail lists
  • Arranged POS categories in alphabetic order in POS cat selector in Filters
  • Fixed bug with the application of temporary filters
  • Fix to some pricing display issues for UK users
  • Fixed single-location libraries showing a location
  • Sales reps in Edelweiss+Analytics can more easily open a collection they have just added to, and it will open with the same store selected in the markup bar
  • Fixed a few other performance issues