Generate interest, reviews, and ultimately sales, by sharing your review copies with the largest audience of book professionals.

Explore this training page to learn how to handle review copy administration on Edelweiss, share your uploaded titles, manage requests, and more!

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1. Review Copy Administration

Set user privileges, choose default settings, and upload your first review copy! 

Managing User Privileges

Determine which users in your organization should have the ability to upload review copies, adjust settings, receive and respond to review copy requests, and more.  

Setting Your Default Import Preferences

Choose default import preferences to apply to all review copy uploads.  

Uploading a Digital Review Copy

Learn the step-by-step process of uploading a review copy to the site.
Are you an independent publisher with a DRC-only subscription? You must first create a title listing. 

Activating Edelweiss Reader

Ensure that your review copies are accessible in Edelweiss Reader, which provides users with in-browser access to DRCs. 

Setting Your Default Approve, Decline, or Auto-Approve Messages

Customize the messages users will receive when you approve or decline their requests or auto-approve their account.

Utilizing the Billing Center

If you prefer online payments, invoices for your subscription may be paid through your Edelweiss account via the Billing Center. 

2. Sharing Review Copies

Get more eyes on your review copies by taking advantage of the many ways of sharing your titles.

Using Quick Send for DRCs

Grant access to a title and notify the approved user by email all in one simple step. 

Using the Share Tool

Share a review copy with many users at once.

Auto-Approving Users

Permit trusted users, accounts, or groups to immediately access any of your available review copies.

Using Edelweiss360 to Auto-Approve Communities

Auto-approve verified user communities such as the ABA, Barnes & Noble, and LibraryReads, or choose from a list of verified genre communities. 

Instructions to Access Review Copies for Readers

Do you have readers looking for guidance on accessing a review copy? You can provide them with these instructions. 

3. Managing Requests and Tracking Activity

Review copies can be immediately available for download, available by request, or invite-only. If your review copies are available by request, be sure you know how to field requests – and regardless of these availability settings, don’t forget to keep an eye on download activity!

Managing Requests

Explore the two ways of managing review copy requests.

Monitoring Downloads

Discover who has downloaded a review copy, whether a review was submitted, and even export contact information.

Viewing and Featuring Reviews

Received a great review? Increase its visibility by featuring it.

4. Advanced Administration & Troubleshooting

Additional functions and tips for working with Edelweiss review copies.

Editing Individual Review Copy Settings

Override your default settings as needed.

Posting DRC-Specific Messages

Include a quick note about an available review copy. 

Removing, Deactivating, or Deleting a DRC

Make a review copy unavailable by removing, deactivating, or deleting it.

File Specifications & Tips

Find details on recommended file types, sizes, and more. 

5. Making the Most of Your Review Copies

Discover best-practices below and learn more about achieving your goals here.

Using Review Copies INSIDE Edelweiss
  • Monitor your DRC activity to look for early trends, cultivate new relationships when appropriate, and feature compelling reviews for other users to easily view when learning about the title! 
  • Before approving a request, review the requestor’s profile to see if they may help you reach your goals. 
  • Customize your approval message with a specific call-to-action. You can ask readers to leave a review in Edelweiss, nominate for a certain purpose, share in a Community, etc. Remind them of desired timelines or deadlines if appropriate. 
  • Create Contact Groups in Edelweiss and pre-approve them for the title. Then use the Share Tool to generate a pretty link that can be included in an email, notifying them that they have immediate access. 
  • Ask sales reps to reach out to their accounts and include review copies in catalog markups. Sales reps’ accounts can be Auto-Approved so that users can immediately download the title. You can also customize who has the ability to approve requests, like sales reps. 
  • Garner the attention of 200,000+ book professionals by promoting your title in Edelweiss. Review copies pair well with featured titles and title banner inserts. You can also purchase a banner ad in our various newsletters and promote to target audiences based on genre, user types (booksellers, librarians, etc.) or the Edelweiss audience at large. 
  • Add title-specific custom messages to your review copies when appropriate.
Using Review Copies OUTSIDE Edelweiss

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