Posting DRC-Specific Messages

If you need to communicate something about one of your DRCs, e.g. it looks best on an e-reader that uses Adobe Digital Editions (not a Kindle) or it only includes the first few chapters, you can add this text message via the individual title’s Edit link.

First, go to your Admin page (, and click into Review Copies>Administer.

Click the Edit icon for the relevant title, and click into the Request Management tab. The highlighted field below is where you want to enter that custom message:

This message will appear when the user clicks on the Download or Request button for that title.

Troubleshooting Tip:  if your text does not immediately display for your DRC outside of the Admin tab, Deactivate and then Re-activate your DRC.  This will force a refresh of your DRC display.

Note that there is a 2000 character limit in place!


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