as a catalog administrator on edelweiss, you have the ability to manage your own publisher page, create robust catalogs for use in your sales and marketing practices, and much more.

this training page brings together resources to guide you through some key steps in effective catalog administration on edelweiss.

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1. Setting Up Your Account and Publisher Page

Before diving into catalog creation, take a moment to become familiar with your Edelweiss homepage and account. This is also a good time to set up your branded publisher page on Edelweiss. When a user searches for your publishing house on Edelweiss, this is where they will land!

Exploring Your Homepage

Navigate the Edelweiss homepage and find the tools you need.

Managing Users & Access

Add users to your account and configure their access.
ooking to set up external reps with access to your catalogs? Click here.

Branding Your Publisher Page

Give your publisher page a branded look with a logo and banner.

Adding Information Pages

Set up additional pages to share with Edelweiss users more about who you are, your contact info, website, and ordering information.

Utilizing the Billing Center

Payments may be made online through your Edelweiss account via the billing center. If you prefer, alternative ways to pay Edelweiss invoices are available.

2. Creating and Populating Catalogs

Once you've set up your account and publisher page, you're ready to create a catalog! Note that, unless you plan to manually create title listings, Edelweiss must first receive and process your data feeds for your books to display on the site. If you are a distributed publisher, your bibliographic data will be sent by your distributor.

Basic Catalog Content Checklist

View a high-level overview of the steps to create a catalog.

Sending Bibliographic Data*

Populate your title data on Edelweiss. Are you a distributed publisher? Bibliographic data is sent by your distributor.

*Learn more in Managing Title Attributes.

Creating and Editing Catalogs

Build and customize a catalog to facilitate your sales and marketing processes.

Managing Catalog Titles

Add, remove, and re-sequence titles in your catalog.

Managing Catalog Folders

Keep your catalogs organized with folders.

Adding Section Headers

Use section headers to transition between imprints or categories.

Building Catalog Showcases

Emphasize related products or backlist titles with catalog showcases.

Deleting Titles from Edelweiss

Quickly delete every instance of an ISBN in all Edelweiss catalogs.

Best Practices for Cataloging

Explore tips and best practices for creating catalogs on Edelweiss.

3. Managing Title Attributes

As a Catalog Administrator, you can add or edit a variety of attributes for individual titles within your catalog—whether via data feeds or manual input. Keep in mind that any data feed will overwrite manual edits if the edited attribute comes through that feed.

Editing Title Attributes Manually

Supplement and edit title attributes. Looking to add titles manually? Click here.

Managing Title Descriptions

Learn the various ways a catalog admin can update marketing content.

Adding Comps & Related Products

Understand both comp titles and related products, plus how to add and edit them on Edelweiss listings.

Mass Uploading Title Images

Bulk-upload jacket covers, interior illustrations/images, and contributor photos.

Embedding Videos in Title Listings

Embed either YouTube or Vimeo videos in your title listings on Edelweiss.

Mass Updating Title Attributes

Update title attributes en masse. Are you a distributed publisher? Contact your distributor about mass updates.

Sales Rep Training

Catalogs are just one piece of the puzzle. To really see results, make sure your sales team connects with their accounts on Edelweiss.

4. Leveraging Marketing Tools and Review Copies

Take advantage of marketing tools and promotional opportunities that will help you make the most of out of your subscription to Catalog Services.

Booking Edelweiss Promotions

Draw extra attention to your titles with various Edelweiss advertising options.

Loading Event Grids

Collect event proposals for your touring authors from your bookstore accounts.

Uploading Review Copies

Generate pre-publication interest by sharing your titles with the largest audience of book professionals.

Managing & Featuring Reader Reviews

Make sure that a great review is always visible to all users by “Featuring” it.

Sharing Events to Edelweiss Community

Post your upcoming events to Community, our mobile-friendly social networking platform, for free.

Subscribing to Edelweiss Communications

Sign up for helpful newsletters sharing new review copies or tips for publisher users.

5. Exploring Catalog Services Add-Ons

Consider some of our add-ons to Catalog Services, which build on its functionality and offer new possibilities for publishing professionals.

Customizing Documents with Edelweiss Designer

Create sales and marketing materials using Edelweiss Designer, an add-on to Catalog Services.

Using Edelweiss360 for Targeted Marketing

Track title activities and identify sales prospects with Edelweiss360. Many features of 360 are free to Catalog Services subscribers!

Consulting Edelweiss Analytics Data

Gain insight into bookstore sales and inventory data with the add-on, Edelweiss Analytics.

Looking for even more about using Edelweiss and its tools for publishers? Explore our full Knowledge Base of help documentation for publishers here.