Catalog Admin – Managing Titles Manually

Edelweiss subscribing publisher’s catalog administrators can manually edit any of their cataloged titles and most title attributes. Please keep in mind that any future data feed, be it an ONIX, Treeline_Biblio, or other ancillary feed could overwrite any manual edits if the edited attribute comes through that feed.

This help article will show you where and how to manually edit all major title attributes, including core bibliographic information, images, descriptions and other marketing content, contributors, prices, categories, comparable (comp) titles, related products, and links.

To get started, open your Publisher’s home page from your dashboard by clicking on your publisher name under My Publisher:


From there, select the Administrative View in the upper right. Then, if you only want to edit a few titles, use the general Search function to find the ISBN / title you’re looking for:

Alternatively, to edit multiple titles, open the catalog in question by clicking on its name on your Publisher or Catalogs page to access the title list and jump to the title you need to edit.

Click on the title’s “tools” icon in the upper-right corner of the title to access its Title Administration window:

If you happen to have many titles to edit in a catalog, you can move through the list, saving as you go. Edelweiss will let you know that your progress is being saved, rather than taking you back to the top of the catalog:


A third way to edit many titles in a catalog is to access the catalog’s Manage Titles window and jump into specific title attributes from that grid. To access the Manage Titles screen, click on the catalog’s tools or edit icon and then the orange Titles count box (Click number to manage):


This Manage Titles grid contains clickable hyperlinks to each of your cataloged titles’ key attributes:

When you click into a title, you’ll see that there are a number of menu options listed on the left, including Core Attributes, Images/Bursts, Marketing Content (formerly known as Description), Contributors, Prices, Categories, Comps, Related Products, Links, and Sales Rights.

Click on the menu option on the left to open up that title admin screen, make your changes, and don’t forget to click the Save icon wherever you see it, to ensure your changes aren’t lost. Please note that not all title editing screens have Save icons, as many functions save automatically as items are added.

Many options display an up/down arrow up-down arrow  next to an attribute. You can click on this to engage, and then drag up or down in the list of attributes to re-sequence it (e.g. re-sequencing contributors or comps).

To delete a free-standing attribute, click on the remove icon:  delete icon

Continue reading for further details on specific title administration nuances, organized by primary attribute/screen.

 Core Attributes is where you’ll find most bibliographic elements that come through your company’s ONIX or Treeline_Biblio feeds. If this is the case, update your internal content management system before manually updating Edelweiss, if at all. Otherwise, your manual edits may be overwritten by a future feed.

Hover over the question marks for Edition, Sales Rights, and Contributor Statement to learn more about how and where those particular fields are used in Edelweiss.

Images/Bursts is where you can manually upload jacket covers, interior images/illustrations, author images (with captions, credits, or copyright details), and bursts. Bursts display between a book’s Imprint and Title on its Edelweiss title listing:

Marketing Content is where you can add title descriptions, including Overview and Keynote, which both appear in our main Summary field. Keynote lands at the top, with Quotes/Reviews, Excerpts, Contributor Bio(s), Key Selling Points, Marketing Plans, Table of Contents, Unpublished Endorsements, and Feature Points below. Note that some of these attributes will only be viewable to users logged in to an active Edelweiss account.

  • When content has been added for a particular description (within the Edelweiss market you’re currently administrating, e.g. US Trade), you’ll see a gold star next to the field name.
  • Note that the Save icon for each description is in the row above the text box, to the left of font formatting options.


Contributors: use the up/down arrows to re-sequence contributors and the “tools” icon to edit them.  Click the delete icon icon to remove a contributor on the Add/Edit Contributor screen:


Don’t forget to save any changes you make!

Prices:  Add/edit/delete various currency prices and their associated discount codes on this screen. Note that prices displayed in Edelweiss are based on the market you’re viewing. By default, these typically include USD, CAD, GBP, and EURO in all US, Canadian, and UK markets. In the Australian market, we only show ANZ prices.

Categories:  Add/edit/re-sequence/delete BISAC, BIC, Dewey, and Warengruppen (WG, Germany) classifications here.

Comps:  Add/re-sequence/delete publisher-sourced comparable titles here.

Upon doing a title/ISBN/author search for a new comp to add, hover over the bottom third of the cover image, and a + Add option will appear. The added Comp will appear at the top of the title’s Comps list.


Related Products:  Add or delete related products, including e-books, free stuff, other formats/versions of this same title, and any other title you may want to ‘up-sell’ with the given title.

Links: Add/edit/delete links or upload files (e.g. sample chapters or other internal content in a PDF file). Note that uploaded PDF’s have a 100 MB size limit!

Sales Rights: Add or exclude international sales rights here. Note that Sales Rights are market specific. This means that any Sales Rights added will only appear as part of title metadata in the Edelweiss market that’s selected when metadata is edited.