Gabriella lunch sessions

Join us this summer for a series of short, virtual sessions designed for publishers who want to learn how to use Edelweiss to make their titles stand out and reach buyers!

All sessions will take place on Zoom at 1pm EST and will run for 30 minutes. We hope to see you at one or all of the lunches below!

Gabriella lunch sessions (1)

Enhancing Your Title Listings 101

Thursday, June 13, 2024

1-1:30pm EST

Join Alison Langlois, Edelweiss Senior Client Success Manager, for a short lunch session on Edelweiss Marketing!

Alison will walk viewers through some easy actions you can take TODAY to enhance your title listings and stand out on Edelweiss—such as metadata additions, featured title and featured review promotions, and more!

This session is designed as a quick and easy intro for publishers looking to take their Edelweiss title listings to the next level. Bring your questions for a short Q&A at the end of the webinar.

Have a little extra time to devote to Edelweiss marketing?

This second installment of our "Enhancing Your Title Listings" series will walk you through next steps to make your titles stand out on Edelweiss—including title banner inserts, e-blasts, Edelweiss banner ads, and more advanced metadata additions.

Bring your questions for a short Q&A at the end of the webinar!

Enhancing Your Title Listings 102

Wednesday, July 31, 2024

1-1:30pm EST

Understanding Title Metrics

Wednesday, August 28, 2024

1-1:30pm EST

Wondering how your title is doing? Join us for a short lunch session on Edelweiss Title Metrics!

This webinar will show viewers how to access information about user and account engagement with their titles on Edelweiss, including IndieNext nominations, reviews, orders, and much more!

In this session, we will cover a mix of free and paid options for publishers on Edelweiss including Edelweiss360, Analytics, and DRC admin features. Bring your questions for a short Q&A at the end of the webinar.