Catalog Admins – Managing Your Information Pages

Catalog Admins-Publisher Information Pages

As an Edelweiss Catalog Administrator, you can create Publisher Information Pages, about your company that will be accessible when anyone goes to view your catalogs by browsing by publisher. Remember:  there are many users on Edelweiss who may not be your customers and may be looking for your sales representation, or to find the phone number for customer service, or an email address to use to send you an actual order. We recommend creating at least one page for “Ordering Information” similar to the equivalent area in a paper catalog or on your own company website.

Click in to your Publisher pages:

Make sure you select the Administrative View in the upper right.


Click on the Information Pages link here to manage those pages:


Click on the +Add to Create a new Publisher Information Page:

Name your page here and click the Save/disk icon. That new page will then appear as the first Publisher Information page in your horizontally displayed list of pages if you already have one created. To add content to it, or edit any existing Publisher Info Page, just click on its name so it becomes bold.


Click Edit Page to add or edit content for that page. Here’s what the Edit mode looks like:


Use Edelweiss’s WYSIWYG style options to re-format your text, as needed, to make sure it looks good in E+. If you copy from a Microsoft document or your own website, you may want to paste that text into a plain text application to strip out all of its HTML coding before pasting it into the screen above. If you find that your formatting looks odd, you’ll definitely want to do this.

You may also post images by clicking on the image icon in the formatting toolbar.

And just to the right of the image option, the hyperlink icon opens up a window where you can add either a hyperlink or upload a file, e.g. a PDF with all of your sales rep contact details. Follow the prompts to choose your file from your local network, upload it, and send it to the server:


Once you’ve uploaded it, you’ll see that it’s created a URL that begins with[your org ID]. Copy that entire URL (using CTRL+C) and add that to your Publisher Info Pages content, either as a straight link by clicking OK here:


Or by embedding it behind descriptive text, as shown here:


Don’t forget to click Save when you’re done making any edits.

To rename a Publisher Info page, click Edit Page Attributes and save an updated page name.

To remove a Publisher Info, click Remove Page.

To re-sequence Publisher Info Pages – click on the double arrow CA14to the left of that Publisher Info Page and drag and drop it to the position you’d like it to appear in relation to your other pages.

Note that you can quickly copy the URL for one of your information pages by right clicking over the relevant page link and selecting Copy Link Address: