Catalog Admin – Adding or Updating Publisher Logos and Banners (with image specs)

All Edelweiss publishers with catalog subscriptions should provide two distinct images for branding your company in Edelweiss:

1) A small branding logo that will appear on our Edelweiss home page publisher listing and on your publisher page…
2) A larger publisher page banner that will appear at the top of your catalog section

In addition, you may also upload imprint-specific logos, which will appear on title detail pages. Please avoid using special characters when naming your files! They often prevent the file import process.

Here are our recommended file specs. Please adhere to them as closely as possible!

Specs for Edelweiss Logo (home page Publisher listing)
* JPG, PNG or GIF file types, no animated GIFs
* 72 dpi resolution
* 226px wide by 113px tall, with transparency

Guidelines for Edelweiss Publisher Page Banner
We recommend that you upload a full banner-width image that represents your company. Edelweiss’ site is a responsive design, suitable for mobile devices. The page width will be dynamic depending on a user’s screen size, so a wide enough image for a large computer screen is ideal, ensuring your image will display well on different devices.

Banner Specs:
* JPG, PNG or GIF file types, no animated GIFs
* 72 dpi resolution
* Height: 300px, width: 2000px (wider or narrower is acceptable but 2000 is preferred)
* Maximum file size is 500K
* Be aware that the outer edges will not be visible to users with smaller screens or on mobile devices, so any text, primary images, logos should be centered in the middle-1000 or so pixels width-wise, and the middle-250 or so pixels height-wise, rather than close to the edges.

Imprint Logos:
* JPG, PNG, or GIF file types, no animated GIFs
* 72 dpi resolution
* Max Height/Width: 300px

Where and how to add & update publisher branding images: 

  • While logged into Edelweiss as a Catalog Administrator, there are two ways to access your Edelweiss Administration center:
    • You can in a separate tab using this link: — you can also bookmark it for easy access, OR
    • Click on your profile picture or initials at the top of any Edelweiss page, then Administration:


  • Click on the Publisher Branding menu to expand it and select the image type you’d like to upload:

  • Once you’ve chosen an image type, click the Choose File button, select your file from your computer, and click Upload. If it meets our specs, it will display as the Current Image:

You can choose another image type from the Publisher Branding menu on the left to upload another image, or click on the Edelweiss logo in the upper left to return to Edelweiss.

You may need to manually refresh Edelweiss before you’ll see the updated images.


Click here to learn more about image specifications for catalog and collection covers, book jackets, author photos, etc.