Sales Reps – Adding a Contact

***Only users connected to publisher organizations have a contacts page. Retail, library, and individual accounts will not have this option. If you need to share an order with your rep, they will need to add you on their end first!

To add a contact to your contacts list, click into your People page. Your contacts are found in the area shown below:

You’ll see a list of existing contacts. If you have none, that field will simply be empty. At the top of that screen, though, you’ll see an Add New Contact button:

To add a contact, you’ll simply need their email address. Take note, though: You’ll want to add the email address they use to log in to Edelweiss! If you’re not sure what that email address is, just ask them.

If the address you enter is indeed connected to an Edelweiss account, you’ll receive the “This user was located…” message shown below:

Click Add to Contacts to add this user to your contacts list.

If the email address you enter is NOT connected to an Edelweiss account, you’ll see this “There was no user found…” message.


At this point, you’ll want to contact your account to see what address they use, if you’re sure they have an Edelweiss account. If you do not believe that they do have an account, or if that’s not a huge concern for you, you can add their name to the appropriate fields and click Add to Contacts to add them to your contacts list anyway.

You can tell which of your added contacts are currently connected to Edelweiss accounts if you see the Edelweiss+ logo next to their name. If you don’t see the + icon this means their Edelweiss account is active under a different email address, or they do not have an Edelweiss account.

You can also add additional people from accounts you already have contacts for. To do this go into your Accounts view and locate the account. Click where it says “# of # in your contacts” and find the users you’d like to add in the pop-up screen. Click the plus (+) next to the person you want and they will be added to your contacts! Names with a green checkmark are people you already have in your contacts list.

Once a contact is added to your contacts list, you’ll be able to easily share markups and collections with them, add them to groups, etc. Also, very importantly, you’ll need to add a user to your contacts list for them to be able to share their orders with you!

Edit your contacts here

Manage Event Grids for your contacts here

You can also add contacts en masse, wither by importing your contacts from an Excel spreadsheet or importing from Outlook.

Watch a video on the process of adding a contact to your Edelweiss account: