Sales Reps – Editing Your Contacts

**Only users connected to publisher orgs have a contacts page. Retail, library, and individual accounts will not have this option. If you need to share an order with your rep they will need to add you on their end first.

You may need to edit an existing contact at some point. To do this, click in to People:

Here, you’ll see the listing of your contacts and can select the specific one you would like to edit. Either click on their name, or on the Edit icon on the far right:

You can change the following:

* Name

* Organization

* Phone

* Add an individual to a group.

Once you’ve updated these details, select the ‘Save’ icon and you’re all set.

You can also easily delete an entry from your Contacts List altogether by clicking on the Delete icon on the far right. Note, this will just delete the individual contact from your list, not their store/organization from your accounts.

You can remove an Account from your list, including any associated contacts, from your Accounts page and clicking the Delete icon on the far right: