Catalog Admins – Showcasing Titles (aka Marketing Collections)

If you’d like to list related products in Edelweiss+ in a more noteworthy way — beneath a sidebar-ish banner and as if they form their own mini-catalog within your main catalog, as shown below for Amy Krouse Rosenthal backlist — then you may want to Showcase them. These used to be called Marketing Collections in Edelweiss Classic.

To showcase titles, you’ll need to deposit two distinct ancillary feeds into your company’s edelweiss/import_data folder on our FTP server: a Catalog Items Feed and a Marketing Collections Feed. Please refer to our Content Planning Guide here for detailed file specs.

Be sure to communicate to when you post your initial feeds — just for the first time — so that we can configure your account to begin auto-processing them. These types of files process about every 45 minutes. You should receive a notification if the processing is successful.