Catalog Admin – Mass Uploading Title-Specific Images

Fully subscribing Edelweiss publishers may do bulk uploads of jacket covers, interior illustrations/images, and contributor photos to your unique FTP folder on our server.  Contact if you need access to this folder.

The following specs apply to all images being posted to Edelweiss:

  • Supported Formats: PNG, JPG, or GIF
  • Size: preferred size is 1000px width. This is the largest size we will display.
  • Resolution: preferred resolution is 72 dpi. This is the highest definition we will display.

Jacket Covers

  • The sub-folder for all of your jacket cover images within your company’s main FTP folder is edelweiss/images/jacket_covers
  • Naming Convention:  Name must only contain the ISBN or ISBN13 of the associated product.
    • Example:  9781234567890.jpg

When you are getting started with your Edelweiss account, feel free to load a complete archive of your cover images. Let your Edelweiss account manager know when the first batch is there. After we process that initial batch, we’ll add your company to our regular processing schedule. We process jacket covers daily at the top of every hour.

Interior and Author Images

If you have interior images you’d like to load, you can post them at the same ftp address but in a different subfolder:

  • For Interiors:  FTP Sub-folder: /edelweiss/images/illustrations
  • For Author Images:  FTP Sub-folder:  /edelweiss/images/author_images
  • Naming Convention: Name must contain the ISBN or ISBN13 of the associated product followed by a sequence number. The sequence number should be incremented when multiple images are sent per product.
    • Example: 978012345678_1.jpg

    Email the first time your company uploads a batch of interior or author images; we’ll set up your account so that all newly posted batches auto-process that night; they should appear in Edelweiss by the next day.

Interior Images from a PDF Sample Spread

If you have a single PDF with sample illustrated pages that you’d like to be processed and appear as individual interior images/illustrations within your Edelweiss catalog, the posting process is much the same as described above, in the Interior Images section, but with a few critical differences regarding the naming conventions:

  • FTP Sub-folder: /edelweiss/images/illustrations
  • File Format:  PDF
  • Naming Convention:   [ISBN]_[Sequence]_p[ThumbnailPageNumber].pdf
    • Example:  9781584799207_1_p2.pdf
    • The Sequence is the order in which the thumbnails will be displayed if there is more than one PDF for a title
    • The ThumbnailPageNumber contains the page within the PDF that should be used to generate the thumbnail.
    • So as a 2nd example, if you posted a PDF containing 10 individual pages following the back/front covers, this naming convention would result in watermarked thumbnails for pages 2-11 of the pdf:  9781584799573_1_p2_p3_p4_p5_p6_p7_p8_p9_p10_p11.pdf

Please email the initial time you upload any new type of images – jackets, interiors, or author images – to ensure that your account is configured to process that specific kind of image.