Catalog Admin – Edelweiss FTP Process Times: Covers, ONIX Files, Ancillary Feeds, Interior Images, etc.

Here’s a quick run-down of when we process various feeds and assets that have been posted to FTP accounts.

It’s assumed that each asset has been posted to the correct folder (specific to that feed/asset type) and named according to our specs. If it’s the first time you’ve posted one of the asset types or feeds to your FTP account, some configuration is usually required before we can begin auto-processing that type of asset/feed. Contact if you’re posting for the first time, or if you experience a delay in processing FTP-posted data (after confirming that you’ve followed our instructions for posting that data type). Here’s a link to check out our Content Planning & Management Guide:

ONIX files:  process overnight, every night; data updates will appear in Edelweiss the following day, assuming that ISBN has been added to a catalog

Jacket covers:  process at the top of every hour and appear in Edelweiss shortly thereafter

Interior images:  process overnight, every night, and will appear in Edelweiss the next day

Ancillary feeds:  process every 45 minutes and will appear in Edelweiss shortly thereafter