Catalog Admin – Creating Catalog Section Headers

You have the ability to insert Section Headers within your catalogs. This allows you to inject one or more section headings within your catalogs. For example, you might use section headers to transition to a new imprint or subject category, shift from frontlist to backlist, or emphasize any other grouping of titles you care to call out within an individual catalog.

Section headers will appear as a menu at the top of your catalog, allowing users to quickly jump to those sections of your catalog.

To insert catalog section headers, go to the catalog’s Manage Titles screen via the catalog’s edit icon.

To insert a Section Header, click in the Order column (far left). This will bring up additional menu options at the top of the Manage Titles screen, including Insert Section Header. You’ll want to select the title that you want the catalog section header to precede…meaning that the title you select will be the first title in that section.

As soon as you’ve highlighted a title and your Manage Titles menu options have expanded, click on the + to the left of Insert Section Header at the top of this window. A text box will appear. Enter the section header Name and click the Save icon.

Note that you can change the visibility of your section headers to include just your catalog admins, others in your organization, or all users.


You can also make these section headers Active or Inactive. So, you could set your section headers up now but make them active later. An Active section header will turn orange:


If you need to edit the text or remove the section header, simply return to this screen and click the tools icon on the far right side of the header.

Enter your new text and re-save. Click the trash can icon to Delete.


Since a section header is attached to a particular title, if you add or remove titles that fall into a particular section, the catalog will reflect those changes right away. You won’t need to change anything unless the first title in the section changes.

You can move entire sections (section header and associated titles) by selecting each title, then clicking on ‘Move to Position’ in the top menu, and then entering the new sequence location where you’d like the grouping to begin.

Please note: section headers will only appear when the user is viewing the list in Catalog Sequence, these will not appear when other Sort options are selected.

Watch a video on the process of adding a section headers to a catalog: