Catalog Admin – Mass Updating Title Attributes

If you are interested in mass adding or updating title descriptions, comps, related products, links, sub-rights, or sales rights by posting a file to your FTP account, check out the latest version of our Content Planning Guide here.

Just give a heads up to if/when you post a brand new type of ancillary feed to us if you’ve never done so (of that type) before. You can see full details about Ancillary Feeds here. We’ll configure your account to begin auto-processing that specific type of feed. We auto-process newly posted feeds about every 45 minutes, and those changes should trickle into Edelweiss shortly thereafter.

  • They usually appear in your title editing screens first.  Use the Catalog Refresh option to force a full metadata cache clearing immediately.

A simpler and much faster alternative for importing a very simple two-column spreadsheet to load comps or marketing content/title descriptions can be found on a catalog’s Manage Titles screen:

Click the download cloud icon to the left of either of these options and either open up an Example Excel File Format or Choose (an existing) file and then click the Import button. Each Excel file should contain simply one column for the cataloged ISBNs (please no hyphens!) and a second column of either comps (comma-separated if multiple) or HTML-coded descriptions of a specific nature, e.g. a file just of Key Selling Points or Marketing Plans. For more details, please refer to the corresponding help articles on Importing Comps or Descriptions.

Once you’ve posted ancillary files and updated title details via either of these processes, if you ever want to do a mass delete of existing values — particularly for comps, related products, descriptions, or links — use the value *DELETE* in the relevant/defining field, e.g. Description, Link, or for related products, the RelationshipType of RelationshipSubType* fields of your ancillary feed.

*If you post *DELETE* in the RelationshipType field, this will delete all Related Products of any type that match that ISBN pairing. If you put it in the RelationshipSubType field, it will only delete it for the record with that specific RelationshipType.

Email if you have any questions.