Managing and Featuring Reader Reviews

Edelweiss users (including you!) can add reviews of titles they find in Edelweiss. These can be titles they’ve downloaded and read as an Edelwiess DRC, or for a title they read in any other format…backlist or frontlist, etc. Details about how they do this can be found here. General visibility of these reviews is based on a number of factors, including Friends, Colleagues, or Affiliate connections. You can make sure that a great and worthy review is always visible to all users by “Featuring” it. Details below.

You will be able to see submitted reader reviews in the Reviews area of your Administration Center. Publisher users have the option to see all reviews (if they are set up as a Review Admin) or just those from people in their Edelweiss contact lists.

Get to the Administration Center by clicking into your Profile (your name at the top right of any page) and then clicking Administration.

Here’s the view of a Review Admin:


You can update the Review Period time frame filter up to the past 365 days. You may also filter by Title or ISBN-13.

To export all reviews for the page (and current filters) you’re viewing, click the Export to Excel option at the top.

At the title level, click on that title’s total title count or the actual title to drill into all reviews for that title (within the specified time frame). Or click on the (thumbs up) Positive Review Count, IndieNext Count, or Library Reads Count to view just those reviews. From here, you can select multiple titles (using the checkboxes to the left of the Title) to activate them all at once to Export to Excel, Feature/Remove Feature, or Archive/Unarchive.

If you’d like to read an entire review and/or edit it for brevity, click its View/Edit link. You can also message the reviewer directly by clicking the email icon immediately following their email address that is displayed in the Reviewer column.

Lastly, you can see if those who have downloaded a Digital Review Copy have submitted a review yet by clicking into the Review Copies> Activity area of your Administration Center. Clicking on the Review? column header will raise all of those instances with submitted reviews to the top of your view here.




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