Catalog Admins – Adding, Removing, & Re-sequencing Titles in a Catalog

To make any changes to the titles that appear in an Edelweiss catalog, you’ll need to navigate to that catalog’s Manage Titles screen while in Administrative view on your Publisher’s Catalogs page.

Again, you can access your Publisher’s home page from your dashboard by clicking on your Publisher name under My Publisher:

From there, select the Administrative View in the upper right, locate the catalog you want to add / move / remove titles in, and access its main catalog settings window by clicking the tools icon:


Then, click on the orange number of Titles to access the Manage Titles window:



Select the Add Titles option, paste your list of pre-sequenced ISBNs into the resulting window, and click Add.

You’ll get a visual confirmation of some basic title information, as long as we’ve already processed data for the added ISBNs. You’ll have the opportunity to select individual titles here to manually re-position them, either via drag-and-drop or by choosing one of our Move to Top / Bottom / Position options, shown here:

To select, or highlight a title, click on its Order / Sequence number on the left.

If you end up manually re-sequencing more than a few titles in a very large catalog (more than 100 titles) you may find that you need to use the Renumber Titles option to refresh each title’s Edelweiss catalog reference, or order, number (the number that appears to the left of the title and ISBN).

Select the Remove Titles option (after you’ve already highlighted one or more titles) to delete those titles from the catalog.

To do wholesale re-sequencing of a catalog, use the Select All option to highlight all titles at once, then click Remove Titles. Doing so will remove all selected titles from the catalog so you can add new ones in their place.

Tip: Before making any big changes to your catalogs, you may want to consider who’s currently using that catalog… e.g. is it still in draft mode, with it only accessible to your catalog admin(s)? If it’s public and in use by your reps, retailers, librarians, etc., then you may not want to use the Remove All Titles option and start over, at least not during a business day when the catalog or its titles might be in use. Note that your reps’ markup notes and accounts’ orders won’t be affected.

Be sure to Save Changes before you leave the Manage Titles window after making changes.


If you need to update the page numbers of your externally generated PDF when you re-sequence your Edelweiss catalog titles, use the Import Page Numbers option:

  • Paste your list of sequenced ISBNs into a simple 4 column Excel file, labeled with the elements below:
    • ISBN – this can be the ISBN-10 or ISBN-13, and can contain dashes
    • Order – The primary sequence of the Edelweiss catalog. This is also called Reference Number in the Sort / Order menu of options within the standard list view of the catalog. Note that you can manipulate this number if you’d like it to match your hardcopy catalog page number for each title. It doesn’t need to be a unique number, though it will dictate the sequence of your Edelweiss catalogued titles.
    • Print – The page number that this title starts on in the print / PDF version of that catalog, if it has been uploaded and associated with that Edelweiss catalog. You can skip this if there is no corresponding PDF version of the catalog, uploaded using the Add / Edit Catalog screen via the Catalog Settings link
    • Span – Optional. The number of pages this title spans in the print /P DF version of the catalog. Again, skip or set to 0 or 1 if there is no corresponding PDF version of the catalog
  • From the Import Page Numbers pop-up, click Choose File to select your Excel file and then click Import.  It should take just a few moments to process your changes and update the catalog grid.