Catalog Admin – Embedding a Video for a Title

We offer two ways to embed a YouTube or Vimeo video into your Edelweiss title:

1) Add the YouTube/Vimeo URL details to a Product_Links ancillary feed to make it appear under its own Videos section on that Edelweiss title, as shown here:

Check out our latest Content Planning Guide for our detailed Product_Links feed specifications here, and be sure to list your /embed/ video URLs, as described below.

2) Manually add/edit/remove a YouTube or Vimeo video link to an individual title via the Manage Titles’ Vid hyperlink for that title or its individual title editing Links window:

For Type here, select Video. This will give you two Video Type options:  YouTube IFrame and Vimeo IFrame. Both of these use the new embed code, which you can grab from either site via their Share link:

Be sure to click the Save icon in the lower right before closing this window!

If you need to remove a link, return to this Add/Edit Link window via that link’s tools icon and click the trash icon in the lower-left to discard it.

Alternatively, you may edit anything about it and save those changes.