Catalog Admin – Manually Creating Title Listings

Watch a demo of the process here!

If your publisher organization subscribes to Catalog Services or an IPL and your individual account has Catalog Administration privileges, you can manually add title listings and metadata to Edelweiss. This can come in handy if there’s a delay in title data coming through via ONIX feed, or if the title isn’t being fed via ONIX at all.

To begin the process, open the catalog or collection that you’d like for the title to initially “land” in. Once you find and open it, click the Overview pencil icon, then the Titles number in the little orange circle.

Then, click Add Titles, enter the title’s ISBN-13, and click Add.

Once the ISBN is added to the catalog or collection, click on the listing (it will say [No Title]) to add the title’s metadata in the Title Administration window. Once you’re finished, click the “Save” icon in the bottom right corner of the window.

Please note that manually added title data will be overwritten if your publisher sends over an ONIX feed for the same ISBN

Booksellers & librarians love to see plenty of Marketing ContentComp Titles, Related Products, Core Attributes, and Images on title listings when browsing Edelweiss. All of it helps them consider titles for their stores & libraries! Here’s more information on different data elements, and best practices for Comp Titles, from a veteran buyer’s perspective.