Removing, Deactivating, or Deleting a DRC

It’s very simple to de-activate and thereby remove the Download/Request buttons for a Digital Review Copy (DRC) in Edelweiss. Your DRC administrator simply needs to find the title on the Review Copies > Administer tab on the Admin page (, then select a title by clicking on its row. In Actions, you’ll see a number of options:


If you Deactivate, your now inactive DRC title will appear in red font on the Admin tab, and will no longer appear in your list of available DRC titles.

If you ever need to re-activate this DRC, simply select and Reactivate it using the same process. Be sure to confirm that the site and device expiration dates for this newly re-activated DRC are set appropriately, to avoid causing issues with approved DRC requestors downloading this re-activated title.

If you actually need to delete this DRC file, as there is no chance you’ll ever want to re-activate it, select that option in Actions.

WARNING:  This will remove all traces of this DRC title on your Review Copies, as well as from our FTP server. You will need to re-upload a new DRC file (following our standard DRC posting procedure) if you ever want to re-activate this DRC. If in doubt, Deactivate instead!



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