Monitoring Your DRC Download Activity

On your Admin page, you can view all of your titles’ download activity, by title, user, or organization. The Review Copies > Activity tab shows you who downloaded which of your DRC titles and when.


There are several variables and filters that control what you see on this tab:

  • The View Activity For:  filter is critical to set to All if you’ve not loaded very many contacts in Edelweiss or are simply interested in viewing all download activity beyond your own contacts
  • Profile:  if your account has multiple profiles, you can view downloads across all profiles or just one
  • Contact:  start to type in the name of one of your Edelweiss contacts here, and it’ll autofill and show you everything that individual has downloaded
  • Title:  start to type in the title name of any of your DRC titles, and title matches will appear for you to select if you want to see all download activity for a single title
  • Start and End Date time filter
  • View By:  switching your view to Title, Organization, or User will show you summary download counts by that particular variable, and then you can drill further in to see the detailed download activity
  • To export the data in any of these Activity grids to Excel, click on the Download as Excel link in the upper right corner.

Of course, your Edelweiss360 tools are designed for just this sort of exercise, as well. Just click on to the Edelweiss360 logo at the top left of any Edelweiss page to get there:

Search for a title:

In that title’s detail page, you’ll see the number of reviews, Shelves, downloads, as well as “Targets” or people who are likely readers of this title. You can track those stats, and even (for Premium users) message each list of people.


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