Uploading Review Copies to Edelweiss Reader

We’re excited to share Edelweiss Reader! It provides users with quick, easy, in-browser access to DRCs without leaving Edelweiss, eliminating the need for external e-Reader devices and programs. It works well on mobile devices, too, making it possible to read on-the-go without an e-Reader app.

All publishers with an active DRC subscription can easily make existing and future DRC uploads available in Edelweiss Reader!

  • To make a new DRC upload available in Edelweiss Reader, start by adjusting your profile-specific Default Import Preferences. Once you’ve opened them, click the Access Management tab, and “check” the Allow web reader ingest box.
  • Turning on the Allow web reader ingest setting needs to be done for each of your DRC profiles. Once it’s activated for a given profile, all subsequent EPUB and PDF DRC uploads to that profile will automatically generate an Edelweiss Reader version.

Please note that Edelweiss generates Edelweiss Reader formats for DRCs on the hour, every hour, just like all other DRC uploads. Also, once you turn on Allow web reader ingest for a profile, Edelweiss Reader versions will automatically be created whether you upload DRCs on your Edelweiss Administration page or via FTP.



  • Once you’ve “checked” the box, upload a DRC as you normally would (steps here, just in case you need them)!

An Edelweiss Reader version will be created automatically when the DRC file is imported. You’ll have the option to make the Edelweiss Reader version inactive / inaccessible if you’d like; just open individual DRC settings and uncheck the Web Reader Status box to remove the option for readers.


If an Edelweiss Reader version is generated from uploading a PDF file, you’ll have the option to select “Single Page” or “Two Page” pagination. It can be set for each DRC profile in Default Import Preferences, and added / edited for individual DRCs once they’re uploaded.

If you have existing DRC uploads that you’d like to make available in Edelweiss Reader, you’ll need to re-upload them on your admin page.

The process is exactly the same as any other DRC upload (instructions here), and as long as the file is named with the correct ISBN-13, the system will automatically replace the original file with the new upload and generate an Edelweiss Reader version in the process. We only charge once per ISBN for DRC uploads, so updating an existing DRC file will not incur additional upload charges.

Please note that all DRC access settings (Request, Download, Invite) and auto approvals will remain identical across all DRC formats, Edelweiss Reader included. A DRC’s On-Site expiration setting will apply to the Edelweiss Reader version, too, just as it applies to the standard download option. Here’s more on adding and editing a DRC’s On-Site expiration!


You can monitor user download / access Activity for Edelweiss Reader titles just like any other DRC. This information is documented on your Administration > Review Copies > Activity page, and in Edelweiss360 in a title’s Downloads section. Details here!


If you have questions or run into any issues, please contact support@abovethetreeline.com for assistance!


Here’s more about how users will access and engage with DRCs on Edelweiss Reader!