Using Quick Send to Share Review Copies

Find instructions on Auto-Approving, Quick Sending, and Fielding DRC Requests here

You can also grant users DRC access with Edelweiss’ Quick Send tool. It’s a bit of a shortcut—you can simply find the DRC’s related title listing, click the “paper airplane” / Quick Send icon, and type in the contact (or Group) name to send a title specific email for DRC access. The benefit of this method is that it allows you to grant access and send an email in one step.


Simply enter the email address, name of your contact(s), or Group name in the To field, and a link to the title will be sent directly to the contact(s) you have selected. You can also send yourself a copy of this email or send with high importance by toggling the switches next to those options, and you can change your Subject line and include a personal message:

Email recipients will only need to log into Edelweiss once they click the email’s link. If they have not yet created an account in Edelweiss, they will be prompted to do so at the login screen. If they are already an Edelweiss user, they will go directly to the title and will be able to download the Review Copy from that page.

You can use the Quick Send tool to send DRCs to multiple people if you’d like. It’s best to use the Share tool if you’re sending to a large number of people, though. Keep in mind that the email size limit is 200 recipients. That includes you if you check the “Send me a copy of this email” option.