Sales Reps – Using Groups

With a little bit of effort up front, you can create specific Groups in which to place your contacts. When it comes time to share your Markup Notes, DRC’s, or Collections, you can then simply share with an entire group in one brilliant swoop.

Creating a Group is simple. Here’s how:

Click into your People page, and be sure you’re viewing your Contacts:

When viewing Individuals, you can refine your Contact list by Groups:

Then you can see at a glance how many contacts are in each Group, refine by that Group and see who all is included in each Group.

To add to a Group, or to create one, however, you’ll want to simply find an individual you’d like to add to a Group and click on their name:

In the Groups field, simply type the name of a Group and hit <Enter>. That’s all there is to it! It’s just like entering a Tag.

See the Groups in which a contact is included like so:

Add lots of Contacts to a Group all at once by using the checkmarks to the left of each entry, or by using the Select All in the Other Actions menu:

Remove a user from a Group by clicking on their name and clicking the X next to that Group entry:

Or you can do this in bulk too by clicking the check mark to the left of each contact to select them, or select all contacts under Other Actions. Then click Remove Contact(s) From Group(s), and in the pop up enter the group name you want to remove, and select the group that populates:

Once there are no more users attached to a Group, the Group will disappear.

Here’s how to share a Markup or Collection with a Group:

Click into your Shares screen, and choose Groups from the drop-down menu. (Details about sharing Markups can be found here.) Simply click on a Group name to share with that group. Check the box next to that Group name to send them a Markup Email.


There’s a very obvious benefit here in that you can share information with a specific group of users of your own choosing with a single click. This tool can be a huge time-saver.