Featured Titles

Featured Titles are highlighted at the top of the Weekly Newsletter, on Edelweiss social media, AND at the top of the Review Copies tab in Edelweiss during the reserved week.

The Weekly Newsletter is sent to roughly 60,000 book professionals every Tuesday afternoon. Check out an example of a weekly newsletter here! It is focused on the US trade market. The newsletter includes links to all new review copies and catalogs posted on Edelweiss within the past week. Text-only listings for new review copies and catalogs are automatically included free of charge, and no action is required. If you do not receive the Weekly Newsletter, you can subscribe here.

These featured titles are placed at the top of the newsletter, above the lists of all new review copies and catalogs. Featured Titles receive 11 times more clicks!

Artwork is not required! We will automatically pull the title’s jacket cover, title details, and first 500 words of the title’s summary. Featuring a title costs $412. View the promotional calendar here.


There are only nine spots available every week, and you can reserve up to three months in advance.

To reserve a Featured Title in a weekly newsletter, simply click on the Promote icon from the title you’d like to feature:

Next, select Weekly Feature:

Simply select the week you’d like to reserve:

That’s it! Click Next. You can pay now with a credit card or elect to be invoiced.

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If you are interested in bulk discounts, please contact sales@abovethetreeline.com.

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