Using 360 for Community DRC Auto-Approvals

You can easily “Auto-Approve” users within an entire Community with 360.

When logged in to your publisher-affiliated account, click the 360 icon at the top-left of your screen (if you don’t see the 360 button please contact your user admin to gain access). In the 360 pop-up window, select the Communities tab on the left and scroll to select the Community you’d like:

If you don’t see a specific community here, please email 

Once you select the Community, click under DRC Auto-Approvals. This will bring up a list of your publisher’s DRC profiles that you can expand by clicking the drop-down arrow. You can check off the individual titles you’d like to approve, or select the box next to Auto-Approve Profile to auto-approve for all current and future DRCs:

360 will reset and you’ll see “The profile has been auto-approved for this community” pop up so you know your changes were successful:

Finally, you can check or edit your auto-approval settings any time by clicking back under DRC Auto-Approvals and un-checking the box next to Auto-Approve Profile: