Edelweiss360 – Communities

From within Edelweiss360, you can explore verified Edelweiss Communities. These are the Communities of Edelweiss users that are managed in some way by Edelweiss (vs. created and managed solely by users themselves).

If you click on Communities, you can select User Communities or Genre Communities. Genre communities are groups of users who are passionate about certain genres:

User Communities, on the other hand, are groups of similar users. They may belong to the same association (i.e. American Booksellers Association), work for the same employer (i.e. Barnes & Noble employees), or work in the same profession (i.e. public librarians that nominate titles for LibraryReads). Many of these Communities require a verified code to join.

If you click on a Community, you can view a visual Summary of how its members have interacted with your titles on Edelweiss. You will also see a snapshot of the roles of the different members in the Community.

Click into Reviews to see reviews that members have left on your titles in Edelweiss. Premium subscribers can drill down into Members to identify potential influencers and message them in Edelweiss.

Based on this information, you might choose to auto-approve specific Communities for your review copies in Edelweiss.  From the Communities page, you can modify review copy approval settings for each community by clicking into the count of auto-approved titles listed beneath the number of members:

You can auto-approve the entire Community for all your review copies by selecting Auto-Approve Profile.  Or, you can choose specific books for which you’d like to give its members access by checking boxes: