Publishers – Promotions and Marketing in Edelweiss+

There are a number of ways to promote your titles within Edelweiss+ to an audience of over 135,000 book professionals. You can find our complete Edelweiss+ Media and Promotions Guide here

Whether you want to promote an upcoming release, bestseller, reprint, sale, or giveaway, there are several options in Edelweiss:

  • Featured Titles (featured in the weekly newsletter that goes to 70k+ users and placement at the top of the Review Copy tab in Edelweiss+)
  • Weekly Newsletter Banner Ads
  • Monthly Newsletter Advertising (librarian, bookseller, publisher, and/or reviewer newsletters)
  • Title Banner Inserts (banners that show above titles in Edelweiss+)
  • Review Copies (digital and/or print)

To take advantage of these opportunities, Edelweiss+ publisher users may click Promote from their organization’s titles within Edelweiss+. (Note that your Edelweiss+ account must be part of the publisher organization to see this option. If you do not see the promote button, please contact your organization’s Edelweiss+ user administrator.)

You will see the following options: Review Copies (if you subscribe to the Review Copy Module), Weekly Featured Title, and Weekly Newsletter Banner. If you are an Insert Admin or a Catalog Admin, you will also see the option to select Title Banner Insert.

Select the promotion type of interest, and follow the prompts to activate! (Note: If you would like to reserve a spot in one of the monthly newsletters, please contact for more information.)

Weekly Featured Titles and Newsletter Banners

The weekly newsletter goes to roughly 70,000 book professionals in the US market every Tuesday afternoon. It includes all the new review copies and catalogs posted within the past week on Edelweiss+.

Complimentary Listings: A text-only listing of every new review copy and new catalog posted to Edelweiss during the previous week is included at no charge to the publisher. No action is required.

Paid Advertising: There are also two paid advertising opportunities in the weekly newsletter that you can access from the Promote button accessible from any of your titles in Edelweiss+. Featured Titles includes placement in the weekly newsletter AND placement on the Review Copy tab in Edelweiss+ during the reserved week. The banner ad goes at the very top of the weekly newsletter.

Top Banner of the Weekly Newsletter: Publishers can purchase the top banner slot in the weekly newsletter for $1000. Image files must be 600px wide and 150px high (or scale proportionally down to that size with a 4:1 aspect ratio). Files should also not exceed 500KB.

Featured Titles in the Weekly Newsletter: Publishers may elect to promote a title in the newsletter for $300. These featured titles are placed at the top of the newsletter, above the lists of all new review copies and catalogs. Featured Titles receive 11 times the number of clicks compared to text listings!

In addition to inclusion in the weekly newsletter, Featured TItles also show on the top of the Review Copy page during the week of reservation:

There are nine spots available in every week’s newsletter, and you can reserve up to three months in advance. Simply select the week you’d like, and follow the prompts to reserve your spot! The system will automatically pull in the cover image and first 500 words of the title’s summary. No additional artwork is required. Featuring a title costs $300. If you are interested in bulk discounts, please contact 

Title Banner Inserts

Title banner inserts are banner ads that appear above the title listings when in the full list view. They help to draw users’ attention and generate interest.  Inserts are $200. Once purchased, title banner inserts will remain for as long as the title is in Edelweiss+! You can also replace/update an existing insert at any time for no additional charge by simply clicking Promote again for that title and uploading a new version.

Here’s an example:

To purchase one, Insert Admins or Catalog Admins may simply click the Promote button from the title in Edelweiss+ that you’d like to advertise. Then, follow the steps to purchase and upload your title banner insert! (If you do not have administrative access to add an insert, please contact your account administrator.)

You will immediately be taken to a screen where you can upload your title banner and purchase for $200. (This is where you can enter a promo code if you have one!)

Title banner inserts must be no more than 200px in height. There is not a fixed width. Edelweiss+ adjusts to the viewer’s screen size dynamically, and if the screen is larger than the ad width, it will repeat the image as needed to fill the space. (Somewhere around 900-940px fits a fairly typical screen size.) They must be in PNG or GIF format, with a maximum size of 300KB. If you upload the title banner as a .png file, the image will not repeat on larger screens – instead, it will center on the screen.


Monthly Newsletters

  • Booksellers (10,000+)
  • Librarians (11,000+)
  • Reviewers (22,000+)
  • Publishers (10,000+)

If you’d like to learn more about how to purchase a banner ad in one of our monthly newsletters, please email  


Review Copies

Digital and print review copies are a very effective way to generate interest, reviews, and sales. Go here to learn more about digital or print review copies in Edelweiss+.