Monthly Newsletter Banner Ads

Edelweiss has several monthly newsletters that are tailored towards certain audiences and packed full of product updates, training tips, and other news. Publishers may elect to reserve banner ads in a monthly newsletter of their choice:

  • Booksellers (11,000+)
  • Librarians (11,000+)

View the promotional calendar here. Here’s an example of the Bookseller newsletter:

You can subscribe to any of these newsletters here.

To reserve ad space in a monthly newsletter, simply click on the Promote icon from any of your titles:

Next, select Monthly Targeted Newsletter Banner:

Next, select the newsletter of interest, desired date, and banner ad type.

Next, you will be able to upload your banner artwork and add the redirect URL (usually the link for the title or catalog in Edelweiss):

Once you’ve uploaded your banner ad, you will be prompted to pay now or be invoiced.

*Review the Edelweiss Advertising Policy

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