Title Banner Inserts

Title Banner Inserts are banner ads that display above title listings everywhere they appear in Edelweiss when users have “Full View” selected. They help to draw users’ attention and generate interest. They’re very effective at showing your buyers which titles you’re excited about!

Here’s an example:

Animated GIFs work well, too! Here’s an example:

Title Banner Inserts cost $220. Once purchased, title banner inserts will remain for as long as the title listing is on Edelweiss. You can also replace / update an existing insert at any time for no additional charge by simply clicking Promote again on the title and uploading a new image.

To purchase one, Insert Admin or Catalog Admin users may simply click the Promote button from the Edelweiss title listing:

Next, select Title Banner Insert:


If you do not see this option, please contact your account administrator. Only Insert and Catalog Admins have this user privilege!

Next, upload your banner artwork:

Title Banner Inserts must be no more than 200px in height. There is not a max width since Edelweiss dynamically adjusts to the viewer’s screen size. If an Edelweiss user’s screen is larger than the title banner insert, the artwork will be centered over the title listing. Images that are approximately 900px wide often fit well on a normal computer screen. They must be in PNG or GIF format, with a maximum size of 300KB. You can also include a link on your banner to take users to an outside site when they click on it. Enter the link URL, and click Test to make sure that it works.

Click Next. To finish up, you will be prompted to either pay by credit card or be invoiced.

*Review the Edelweiss Advertising Policy*

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