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Our Weekly Newsletter is sent to roughly 60,000 book professionals every Tuesday afternoon. It is focused on the US trade market. The newsletter includes links to all the new review copies and catalogs posted on Edelweiss within the past week. Check out an example of a weekly newsletter here! Text-only listings for new review copies and catalogs are automatically included free of charge, and no action is required. If you do not receive the weekly newsletter, you can subscribe here.

There are also two paid advertising opportunities in the Weekly Newsletter:

  • Featured Titles – Highlighted at the top of the Weekly Newsletter, on social media, AND at the top of the Review Copies tab in Edelweiss during the reserved week.
  • Banners – Publishers can purchase banner ads in the weekly newsletter:

View the promotional calendar here.

To reserve ad space in a Weekly Newsletter, simply click on the Promote icon from any of your title listings:


Next, select Weekly Newsletter Banner:

Next, you can select the week of interest, upload your artwork, and add a redirect URL (usually a link to the title or catalog in Edelweiss):

Image files must be 600px wide and 150px high (or scale proportionally down to that size with a 4:1 aspect ratio). Also, image files should not exceed 500KB.

Once you’ve uploaded your banner ad, you will be prompted to either pay now or be invoiced.

Review the Edelweiss Advertising Policy

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