Publisher Admins – Setting up Your DRC Admins and Approvers

DRC publisher User Administrators may set up other DRC admins and approvers within their organizations. To do so, go to the Administration page ( and select the Users>DRC Privileges.


Admin/Approver/Access/ – controls whether that user has DRC Admin privileges in addition to basic DRC request approver and download access to your titles. DRC Admins can process your DRC files and edit DRM and other DRC default and title-level settings. In most cases, your account will only have one or two admins per DRC profile.

The second column offers the same approver/access rights, just without the additional admin rights. Individuals who are granted this higher level of approver rights will be able to approve ANY DRC request for your titles, regardless of whether that requestor is in their Contacts list. In contrast, most reps within your organization are typically just able to grant access to their personal contacts’ DRC requests. They don’t have access to ALL DRC requests.

To give a user Admin or Approver/Access rights, click on the Profiles link in the appropriate column. A Manage Profiles window will appear. Just check the appropriate DRC profile for that individual and click Save at the bottom of that window.

Their red 0 Profiles link will turn green and reflect the number of profiles they now have access to as an Admin and/or as a Request Approver.