Troubleshooting and Tips for the Review Copy Module

You can find instructions for uploading a digital review copy here.

DRC File Specs

File Format and Size: Your DRC should be either a PDF or EPUB file, preferably less than 30 MB in size.

Naming Convention: Name your DRC file with the ISBN-13 alone (e.g. 9781234567890.pdf) of the primary physical book version of your title. This will connect your DRC with the title listing that has the same ISBN.

If you’re uploading audio review copy files, simply name a zip file with the same ISBN-13 as above. Details here.

If you run into trouble or receive an error message, here are a few tips and explanations for some of the most common issues:

  • File size restrictions are in place on account of the limitations of many reading devices and apps. Exceeding the 30MB size limit can cause problems for your readers, so exceeding 30MB can cause your upload to fail.
  • Be sure to name your file using the ISBN-13 for the title listing with which you’d like your DRC to be associated… most often the hardcover or paperback version.
  • Please avoid uploading files with added protection / DRM. Edelweiss automatically adds DRM protection to DRC files so publishers don’t need to worry about it! Files with DRM protection added prior to upload can’t be processed.
  • Please be sure your file is “flat!” This is most often an issue with graphic novels, where text and graphics can be in different layers. Files that aren’t “flat” can’t be processed.
  • You may receive an error message alerting you that the “server is busy” or “could not connect.” Don’t worry! Edelweiss’ system will automatically reattempt import every 15 minutes until there’s ‘room’ for your file to process.
  • Please note that Edelweiss first needs to receive a title’s metadata before the listing’s related review copy can be uploaded. If we do not receive your title metadata in a feed, or from you adding it manually in one of your catalogs, please contact so we can help you add data.


  • In general, we recommend using EPUB files. They’re relatively smaller than PDFs and tend to look better on a broader array of devices.
  • If you’re planning to upload a PDF that’s larger than 30MB, running it through a PDF optimizer to reduce the size of the images contained within the file (or consider removing them altogether) can make the download / access process a lot smoother for readers.
  • Kindle devices often have problems with image-heavy files, especially when they are over 30MB.
  • In fact, if your DRC file is over 50MB, a Kindle version will not be made available at all to avoid reader download issues.
  • We can accept MP3 files for audio review copy files. Also, please note that DRM is not currently available for audio review copies.


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