Release Notes 9/19/18

Edelweiss+Analytics August & September Release Notes

New Features

  • When you create a new filter from the ‘Apply Filter’ box, it will now apply to your analysis immediately, without re-selecting the new filter.
  • Publisher users can click a collection name immediately after adding titles to the collection (from Analytics, or anywhere). If they are coming from Analytics though, the same store that they were reviewing in Analytics will be selected automatically in the blue markup bar in the collection, streamlining the process for suggesting orders and markups.
  • Temporary filters applied from the Category Performance Comparison can be more easily navigated through the tree of the category hierarchy, with linked ‘breadcrumbs.’ Also, the fact that a temporary file is in action is more evident, since the text is red now, consistent with the main filter style.
  • In title list in Analytics, your applied sort will now ‘stick’ to being the last sort you used, even after changing filters or pages, until changed again. Previously it always returned the default Shelf Days sort.


  • Some stores were missing from Cross Store view in title modal
  • Some quadrants of the Category Performance Comparison chart could not be clicked on
  • Stores that use Square One POS were showing incorrect totals in Historical Overview
  • Publisher users with ‘contacts only’ access have no stores to select from