Release Notes – 11/6/19

Fixed an issue where the Family Search wasn’t finding UK Editions of titles

Fixed an issue with not being able to delete reviews

Fixed an issue where dashes were randomly being added to Basil Order Exports

Removed Adobe download Fees

Added localizations for all Edelweiss+Analytics Summit tools

Fixed an issue where the report sender would fail if one task failed

Added Lifetime Circ data for ILS Copy Detail

Fixed an issue with the publisher review API that would fail when a review didn’t have an Overall Assessment

Improved the consistency of button placement in the publisher promote modal

Fixed a bug where the ‘Copy to New Collection’ popup wouldn’t close

Fixed a bug where the site wouldn’t work in IE

Changed digital review copy emails to come from info@abovethetreeline rather than the user’s email via Above the Treeline

Removed the non-functional button to delete other user’s shared markups

Fixed an issue with uploading weekly newsletter banners