Watch and Learn: Intro to Buying with the New Edelweiss List View

In this session for Edelweiss Buyers, Claire Fields, Edelweiss Software Developer, and Catherine Weller of Weller Book Works provide an overview of buying with our new List View!

intro listview

Our Plans for the Beta Phase

The Edelweiss platform is undergoing some significant technology upgrades to increase the speed and stability of the tools you rely on every day.

As part of this, we have updated one of our most used pages, the Catalog Title List View, to address common user feedback and improve the efficiency of the buying process on our site. 

Because this view is integral to so many users, we are taking extra care with these changes and incorporating user feedback at every stage of development. During our current stage, the List View Beta, buyers will receive an invitation from Edelweiss to test out the new View and share their thoughts on the proposed updates.

Turning on the new View is optional. However, we highly encourage users to give the new View a try and to share their thoughts on the proposed updates. User feedback will contribute to the continued development, and eventual future release, of a new List View.

Get Started with the New View

Once invited to the List View Beta, Edelweiss buyers will see a toggle switch to turn on the View when browsing collections and catalogs on Edelweiss:

When a user first turns on the new List View, they will be prompted to take a walk-through of the changes and new features to help them find their way.

Missed this walk-through? Don't worry! You can always replay the walk-through by clicking into the "List View Walk-through" tab of the List View Knowledge Center in the bottom right corner of your screen:

Discover New and Improved Buying Functions

With the new List View, we moved some of the most-used Edelweiss buying functions to be more visible and accessible. And, while we were there, we also added some new features to better support your work on the site.

Here are some of the changes and additions you can expect when you turn on the new View:

updated order select bar

Moved from the bottom of your screen, the Edelweiss order bar is now available at the top of a title list. Click in to create a new order, add a title to an order, or change the selected order:


separate preferences and actions menus

With a separate menu for catalog preferences, your visibility settings for catalogs are now more... visible!

Open your Preferences to adjust which elements of a title you see when browsing a catalog. And, now you can set a preference to see title reviews just from colleagues and friends.


Looking to select all titles in a catalog, add titles in bulk to collection, or add/remove tags from multiple books?

You can do all that using the Actions menu!


improved list refinements

We made improvements to our filters menu, so you can drill down into a title list and combine a wide variety of refinement criteria (metadata, markup elements, user activity) with ease.

Click "Filter" on the top catalog navigation bar to check it out!


new title actions sidebar

Don't worry, everything is still here! We just moved a few things around, so the most-popular title actions are simpler to find.

Want to bookmark a title? Find that and more under "More Actions."

Looking to add a title to your shelves or collections? Just click the "Add to" button. Plus, new to this View is the option to also add titles to Community collaborative lists.


intuitive order box

snagit order box w suggestions

We updated the order box so your on-hand, on-order, and rep suggested order quantities are more legible.

Looking to add or edit categories? Click into the current category to quickly make adjustments.

feedback listview

We Want to Hear from You!

While optional, we hope users will give the new View a try, submit feedback on the changes, and make their voice heard throughout our development process. We expect to make improvements and changes based on user feedback, and we appreciate your time sharing your experience (good or bad!).

Feedback can be submitted from within Edelweiss via the Knowledge Center by selecting the menu option "Give us Feedback!" or via the link HERE.

Please do not hesitate to reach out to us at if you have any questions about this update or if you run into trouble turning on or using the new View.